BioSide description and goals

Capitalization of bioinformatic resources under a single environment

BioSide software aims to aggregate freeware and open-source programs for diverse bio-analysis purposes and enables their concatenation (i.e. elaboration of workflows) for performing integrated analysis and easy results recovering.In BioSide V.1.0, format conversion (Seqret), multiple alignment (muscle, clustalw) and phylogeny reconstruction (PHYLIP, MrBayes, PhyMl and PhyloBayes) programs are implemented.

Elaboration of bioinformatic workflows using an ergonomic interface

BioSide provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for chaining a suite of various bioinformatic programs. The design of the workflow relies on an intuitive mode of connection and a complete access to the original parameters/options of each program for fixing in details the analysis. Once workflows have been remotely executed (on a distant server) users have access to both intermediate and final results i.e. all files generated during the whole confidential process. Some specific viewers have been implemented for visualizing multiple alignments or phylogenetic trees for instance.

Sharing, reproductability and traceability of in silico protocols

Each execution of a workflow is stored separately, with its parameters and the intermediate and final results. Each workflow can be classically saved and stored under the user environment, but it can also be shared with other users/collaborators by exporting and e-mailing them, making the whole protocol visible and repeatable.