About BioSide

BioSide is developed by Institut Télécom - TÉLÉCOM Bretagne; it was initiated, promoted and managed for numerous years by Philippe Picouet.

BioSide has received funding supports from GenOuest BioInformatics Platform and the Brittany council.

It also has received lots of remarks, help, inputs, requests for enhancements etc. from biologists and bio-informaticians at the Roscoff Marine Station.


Sébastien Bigaret

InterDeposit Digital Number

BioSide has been registered by the Agence pour la protection des programmes under the IDDN: IDDN.FR.001.090013.000.R.C.2016.000.20900


  • The BioSide logo has been created by Antoine Albuquerque.

  • Main contributors: (in alphabetical order)

    Xavier BAILLY, Sébastien BIGARET, Christophe CARON, Olivier COLLIN, Erwan CORRE, Luciano FERRARESI, Mélanie HALLARD, Sylvie HUCHET, Gildas LE CORGUILLÉ, Philippe PICOUET, Luiz Fernando RODRIGUES, Philippe TANGUY.

  • We also would like to thank the following people for their various contributions to the project, including those who participated to side-projects that directly or indirectly contributed to BioSide: (in alphabetical order)

    Luc AHOYO, Baptiste ALLAIN, Laurent BESSY, Loraine BRILLET, Benjamin BUFFEREAU, Frédéric CADIER, Nicolas CASTAY, Hicham DAHER, Matthieu DALSTEIN, Alexandre Lins DE ANDRADE, Etienne DECOMBE, Zakaria DOUGHI, Émilie DOURNES, Emmanuel DUCOIN, Bertrand DUQUEROIE, Stéphane DÉMURGET, Maxime GALLAIS, Luciana Almendra GOMES, Vikram GOUD, Laure GUILLOU, Magnus LARSSON, Jefferson LEANDRO, Pierre LECOMTE, Mickaelle LEDOZE, Sérgio LIFSCHITZ, Abbes MAATAOUI, Patrick MEYER, Hugo NUNES, Éric RENAULT, Genaína RODRIGUES, Olivier SALLOU, Eniko SZEKELY, Cristina TETCU, Sophie WACHS.